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The Ralaferin clan is renowned throughout Thedas for former Keeper Gisharel’s willingness to share Dalish lore with non-elven scholars. Neria was born into the Ralaferin clan, and was chosen as Keeper Elindra’s apprentice. Trained from youth to defend and serve people, she takes great pride in her magic and her role as Elindra’s First. Now with the Inquisition as a Dalish emissary, Neria does all she can to see that the interests of the Dalish elves are not forgotten amidst the chaos.

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Aw, Bioware changed the Dwarf Mage description from their Inquisitor descriptions from—


I assume because too many people thought they could be Dwarven Mages in Inquisition, which you can’t :( but I thought is was a clever (if misleading) way to say you can’t.


now it’s just Impossible.

but do u remember


when this happened




bioware taking no shit about dwarven mages

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"What if" Morrigan made horrible jokes with terrible timing?

Morrigan: Knock knock.
Morrigan: Who is there I wonder?
Morrigan: Would you like me to tell you?
Morrigan: Could it be Duncan? Come back from the dead?
Morrigan: Or perhaps the king who you failed to protect?
Morrigan: Mayhaps it is your loved one who died just before this!
Morrigan: *whistles*
Morrigan: No.
Morrigan: Twas just the wind!
Morrigan: No one would ever come to see you.
Morrigan: Haha hoo!